The family and the birth of children with Down syndrome
Interview by Fernanda Travassos-Rodriguez
Medical Magazine

1 – What is Down Syndrome? ( read reply )

2 – Can Down Syndrome be diagnosed in the prenatal phase? ( read reply )

3 – What does the birth of a child with Down syndrome represent for the family? ( read reply )

4 – What is the importance of psychological support to the family? How is it carried out? ( read reply )

5 – How can the psychologist help in the relationship of parents and family with special children? ( read reply )

6 – What is the stimulus given to the baby with Down Syndrome? ( read reply )

7 – How is the child with Down Syndrome inserted in society? ( read reply )

8 – How do health professionals deal with people with Down Syndrome? Is the public health structure sufficient? ( read reply )

9 – When the couple’s first child has Down Syndrome, is there a possibility that the second child may also have it? ( read reply )

10 – How do parents deal with prejudice? ( read reply )

11 – Are there cases of family intervention when Down syndrome is diagnosed? ( read reply )

12 – What are the biggest difficulties encountered by the psychologist who attends people with Down Syndrome ( read answer )

13 – Is there free psychological care at PUC-RJ for children with Down Syndrome? How does it work? Do other institutions also carry out this work? ( read reply )

14 – Draw a panorama about Down Syndrome in the country. Was there an evolution in the treatment? What improvements in the area? How many people have Down syndrome in the country? ( read reply )

15 – With the increase in Down Syndrome survival, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease seems to increase, what are the psychological and medication perspectives in this situation? ( read reply )